Friday, March 29, 2013

Episode I: The Attack of the Honey Bees

A Short Story by Sara Marie Hantousch May 2008
We have these

We are shaking at the knees

They had over taken the kitchen window

We decided they HAD to go

Just how do we go about that?

Certainly not with a bat

How about a can of Raid?

Nope, even TWO cans didn't do it I'm afraid

We found after Bees prefer the day

We wasted our spray

Oh how oh how, can this be done?

We have to wait until there is no sun

“Ahhhhh, smoke them out!”

Bring that burning barrel about

The fire it won't start

Building a fire is an art!!

“There we go!”

Bees do not like smoke didn't know?

Away they flew

Only over a window or two

So up the ladder Salah climbed

Filling up the gap was what he had in mind

The smoke died down

The bees started to come around the window pane

It seemed that we had tried in vain

“We are taking our Window back!!!”

Salah proclaimed as he filled up the crack

“Don't you know I am from Iraq!”

The gap was filled

We were thrilled

It was the end of the mission

Until the next day...I discovered “THEM” in my kitchen!!!

Now what shall I do”

I got my shoe!!!!!!!

They were mostly dead anyway

I knocked them out without delay

I patched up all the holes I could see

“You will not take MY HOUSE from ME!!!!”

“Will there be more in my kitchen tomorrow?

I fell asleep thinking in sorrow

Up early I did rise

I found NO bees oh what a delightful surprise

I keep checking to see

No NOT one little bee

They are outside still

Building a cluster in the window sill

At least they are not inside

I can relax and enjoy the day in stride

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