Friday, March 29, 2013

Episode II: Bee-Wildered

A Short Story by Sara Marie Hantousch June 2008

It all started a month ago, Salah and Sara tried to exterminate the colony of bees that made residence outside in their kitchen window. How hard can it "bee" to rid a home of bees?
Let's take a look.
Salah and Sara have recently acquire the skill of Bee Battling.
What is a Bee Battle?
When Bees fight it is called a Bee Battle.
When they battle in a kitchen, it's called
A Bee Kitchen Battle
When Bees battle buzzing from the kitchen to the bathroom and the bathroom is upstairs, they call it
A Bee Buzzing From The Kitchen To The Bathroom Upstairs Battle.
When Bees battle Salah and Sara in a buzzing battle from upstairs to downstairs and it's in the basement, they call this
A Bee Upstairs Downstairs Basement Buzzing Battle With Salah And Sara.
When Bees battle these battles downstairs with Salah and Sara from a hole in the cast iron sewage drain pipe in the bathroom downstairs, they call this
You Will Not Believe Salah And Sara Are Battling Bees From A Hole In A Cast Iron Sewage Pipe Upstairs Downstairs Buzzing Battle!

Added Commentary: It turned out the hole was actually a BIG HOLE BEHIND the cast iron pipe. Saying it is from the pipe makes a better story! Salah was able to fit a 9 volt battery into the hole!

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