Saturday, August 2, 2014

Never a dull moment

Wow, here we are at August. My oh my, where has the Summer gone.

My Salah has been concentrating on clearing the brush from behind the house the last week. When we moved here back 2008, we had cleared the same area. The area grew back, surprise, surprise, after we stopped clearing when we thought we were going to lose the farm. Now that God has provided us with the resources to continue the adventure on the farm, Salah decided it was time to tackle clearing the brush.

He certainly has made a huge dent. There is a TON yet to go. Each day, he works for a few hours.

Today, he decided he would cut some of the bigger trees to bring more sunlight to this spot.

I needed to run an errand. I left for a little bit to run to the store to pick a few things. When I came back, I thought he was packing up his tools and chain saws [he has two chain saws, anyone will tell  you, you need at least two or three of them]. I went inside to start dinner. Then a few minutes later, I went outside to ask him if I could cook the chicken that we use for the dogs. Salah was standing near a tree behind the garage with a very troubled, worried face.

He looked up at me and said: "I have a problem."

Then I noticed the chain saw was stuck in the tree.

He told me had decided to pack up his stuff but had decided he would take care of this tree first. He used the axe to try to loosen the tree trunk enough to free the chain saw. That was not helpful.

He decided to use the other chain saw instead. And wouldn't you know it, it got stuck, too!

He settled on the sledge hammer to knock the tree and loosen the saws. After several hits to the went down. He had been able to remove the saws just before the tree fell.

He came inside later saying: "I had engineered it to fall one way, and it ended up falling another way."

Phew. All is well.

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