Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cat Adventure Last Year

God moves in mysterious ways...this is why: So as most of you know, I live on a farm and we have several barn cats [about 20-25] about the land. They love to hang out by the garage. I have a daily commute to Sycamore for my job. Last Friday [10/9/15], I got into the truck, backed out of the garage, my Salah opened the gate for me and out I went to work. Now, I live out in the country just out of Leaf River. So to go to work, I have to go down into the "city" of Leaf River. It is about 2 or so miles down to town. I am going along as normal...when I get into town and slow down to cross the railroad tracks, I hear this cat crying. I looked out the window thinking there was a poor cat lost or something...then it dawns on me...that sound from the cat is coming from UNDER the truck.

Hold on...

So I turn around and head back home. I pull into the drive and my Salah looks worried when he sees me coming back. He opens the gate for me...and I park the truck to get out. I told him...I heard a cat crying from under the truck and that I thought I had rolled it up under the tires somehow. So we search and look under the truck. Could not find it. Now it is about 7:00 am and the sun has not quite come up yet, so it was still a bit dark. It was hard to see and we could not see the cat. The cat kept quiet the whole time while the truck was parked. It never made sound when my Salah tried to call the cat out. We were not sure which one we were looking for. Even though we have several, trust me when I say that my Salah knows each one.

By this time, I was going to be late for work. It was 7:00 and I had to be at work by 8:00. It takes me a little over an hour to drive. So I went inside to call work to tell them I was on my way and would be late. It is a voice mail I call to inform my work of my absence or tardiness. So I left a message that I just rolled over my cat.

So I get back into the truck. My Salah opens the gate and off I go again. Wouldn't you know, I am less than a half mile away when I hear.....wait for are right...I hear the cat again just crying and I turn around again.

I pull in the drive again and my Salah looks at me surprised to see me AGAIN. He opens the gate and I park the truck to get out. I told him I heard the cat again. So we search and look under the truck again. The sun has come a little bit more but it is still not bright. Now all this time looking over the truck the cat stays quiet...never making a sound. And not coming out of wherever it was hiding under the truck. Probably too terrorized at this point to move.

So I get back in the truck. My Salah opens the gate and off I go. I told him I would not be back. I had to get to work. So I go on down the road to work. I thought briefly I had heard the cat again. But not like the crying I head before, so I thought by now I had killed the cat. Feeling badly, I concentrated on my drive to work to get there without anything else happening.

I make it to work. I sit near the lady who listens to the voice mail for our absences. She looks up as I walk toward her, and she says to me, "I am just listening to your message. I am sorry about your cat." I thank her and walk over to my desk. I explain my story to the ladies I sit by and told them I could not find the cat and it is probably dead now under the truck somewhere. Then I log into my computer and start the day.

After work, as I walked up to the truck, I thought for a second I heard the cat again. I walked around the truck and checked to see I could see anything. Nothing. There are some birds in the trees, so I thought I was hearing things and it was the birds not the cat.
So I drive home glad it is Friday but feeling sad because I killed a cat. Yes, I know I have several but they are cute...and I do not like to be the one that brings harm to any animal.

You must be wondering why I am still writing....ah....foreshadowing...can you feel the suspense...are you curious...remember curiosity killed the cat...OK, bad joke...

My Salah and I looked under the truck over the weekend we could not find, could not see the cat any where. We both thought at that point we would find it after a couple more days because dead animals give off bad odors.

So I went to work yesterday, Monday. No problems and came home.

I went to work today. I got of the truck and about half between the truck and the door to the building...I heard it...a cat crying. I stopped...because remember there are birds too and it was windy today. So I thought I heard birds. I heard it again. I stopped. I waited. There it was again, a cat crying. So I walked back toward the truck looking at the ground up to the building. The cat stopped crying. I get almost back by the truck and the cat cried out again. Right there in front of the truck behind the bushes right up against a transformer...Yep..the cat huddle into a ball by the transformer staying warm.

Oh my word...can you believe it. The cat must have gotten down from the truck while it was parked at work on Friday and stayed hidden by the transformer all weekend. We could not find it under the truck because it had gotten out.

I went inside and with some help from Debbie Kobel, the security guard and Joel Gordon [who happens to sit right be me at work] we managed to get the cat into a box. Well, first I frightened it under another car. I was laying on the ground trying to get it out from under the other car when Joel walked up and asked what we were doing. He and the security guard coaxed the cat out from the under the car and then it went under another car. Then it went back to transformer. This time the cat had placed itself in place where we could corner it with the box. Joel suggested he would hold the box and I would get the cat into the box. Wa went right into the box...phew...I put it into the back seat of the truck. Mission Accomplished.

I went inside and email my Salah. Told him the happy news. He came and picked the cat up so it would not have to spend the rest of the day in the box in the truck. She was so happy to hear my Salah's voice. On the home he told me she would cry out and the when he talked to her, she would quiet back down. She got home and enjoyed some milk. What an adventure for her. Poor thing. So happy she was still alive.

God moves in mysterious ways. Amen

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