Sunday, July 30, 2017

Up To The Task

2 Timothy 3:17 The Voice: so that God’s people may be up to the task ahead and have all they need to accomplish every good work.
Hello, my name is Sara, I am the founder of God's Unbreakable Rope of Love Facebook Page. Today, I would like to share a God moment based on the verse above.
My husband and I live on small farm. The Lord has blessed us with a few sheep. My husband labors every day caring for the sheep the Lord has charged to his daily care. We are not "rich" by the world's standards; we do not have any of the normal equipment that farmers would have to tend the land (no tractor to cut hay or bale it). My husband takes very seriously the daily tasks of caring for the sheep. He enjoys it; he is very committed to continue to do his best with what the Lord has provided us.
We have a small field that we grow for hay. In the last two years we have not been able to find someone to help us with cutting and baling the hay. This means that hay in that field has gone to waste. We have had to purchase hay.
This year my husband was determined, if we could not find anyone, he would cut the hay manually (like in the old days using a scythe). He would manually rake it, and then, gather it all up into our trailer and bring it to the barn. It is a small field, about 6 acres. Yet, this would be no simple task.
He kept saying he would manage somehow, we could not let the field (which is full of alfalfa) go to waste again this year. Plus, we need hay for the sheep in the winter.
He spoke with one of our neighbors last week, who agreed to just cut it for us. The last few days in the hot and humid weather, my husband has gone out to the field, raked up the hay, put it in the trailer and brought it up to the barn. Several people passed the field, slowing down as they passed, watching my husband work.
My husband dressed to go out in the field today again, to gather up the last portion of the hay that was cut. He came back home within an half hour. He looked at me and said, "I am done!"
I looked at him puzzled. I knew he should have been gone longer. I asked him,”What happened?”
His reply, "Someone baled up the remaining hay. There were bales in the field. So, I put them in the trailer and came home."
We are not sure "who" did this. Well, we know it was God who made this possible. We are not sure who He used to accomplish it.
My husband, who was determined to go forward in manually cutting the hay, put his faith in God and trusted God would provide the strength to get the job done. The Lord did provide the strength for the job, and more.

My dear loved ones, let us be faithful in all things. When we include the Lord in even the smallest aspects of daily life, there is no telling what He will do and where He will show up. That is the best part...just knowing He will.

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